Tac Light- Your Life saver

How often do we give importance to some trivial gadgets used daily in our lives? Like screw-drivers, hangers and like tac lights. Tac Light is a necessity. We need to have it in our car, in the purse and at a visible place at home.


How can we define a tac light?

A tac light is also known as flashlight which is a tool that is used in low or no light. It aids the vision. It is a simple mechanical device.

Main uses

1. Military purposes

2. Each one of you at homes


Military Use:

It is a military flashlight. They use this flash light in conjunction with their firearms to help them to identify a low-light target. It serves two purposes; aiming the weapon as well as illuminating the target.

It can be separate or integrated with the weapon. Another purpose can be to temporarily blind the target.

There also come handheld rechargeable flashlights. They are not mounted with the guns. They can be used with handguns. These are one kind of tactical led torch lights. They are used in a way that the weapon is held in one hand and the light flash in another unless a rifle type gun is used which engages both of your hands.

Tac lights have been in use of the Police force for quite a long time. They make the best use of it in their night duties and investigating the crime scenes.


Home Use

Imagine at mid-night, there is a lights out session. You hear some sounds downstairs. It can be anything. But you definitely have to find out what it was. What is the first thing that you pick up? Yes, right. It is definitely a tac light.

When you go on hunting or camping, you will never forget to put your tac light in your baggage.

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Components of tac light:

The following are some of the main components of the tac light

a) Switch

b) Safety Wand

c) Face Cap

d) AC Charge Cord

e) Flashlight Clip

f) Tactical Lilon

g) Batteries

h) Bulb


How to select the best tac light?

Bright light

The main purpose of a flash light is to give off light. Your tac light should have very sharp and bright light to instantly illuminate the area. Like we discussed, if you are on camping or hunting, your light must be powerful enough to help you taking steps actively in any emergent situation.

If your tac light is not good enough in lightening up things, you better replace it.


Long battery life

The battery of your light should have a long life. Your flash light is of no use if you are up to change or recharge the batteries every now and then. Some batteries give as low timing as 10 minutes and some even last for months. Better read reviews of the product before proceeding to buy.



Portable things have the most chances to fall off our hands. Your flash light should have a compact body. Its parts should not break easily and buttons should not wear off soon. Ask about the make and model. Weapon grade aluminum is used commonly for its durability.



This is a must have feature for your flashlight. Try to buy one light-weight tac light. It needs be carried easily. It should be smart enough to adjust anywhere in your baggage and not take much space. Whether you place in your car, home, pocket or in your handbag, it needs to be of appropriate size and weight.

It depends on your occupation. If you work in security, aw enforcement or in consistently dark environments like mines, and your flashlight is too small, this may not be bright enough to serve your purpose. So you have to find a perfect combination of the right size choice with portability.


Water resistant

It is a must-have feature for almost all devices today. Be very careful because it is written on every gadget as well but not each of them is water resistant. You need to confirm from the buyer of the feature or ask for reviews from any other user of the tac light you want to buy.


Cost and Energy efficient

You need to find a tac light which is energy efficient as well. Its bulbs should last for a long life. You must ensure that you make full use of the product in accordance with what you paid for. A tac light should not be your high budget item.


Easy grip

A tac light is a hand-held device. You carry it and have to move it around. You should be selecting a brightest tac flashlight with an easy and firm grip.


Nice look for your aesthetics

It won’t be bad if your tac light is stylish and has some nice body and color. If you care much about aesthetics, buy one that suits your mood and choice.


Overall convenient

Your tac light should offer you an all-time convenience. It needs to be simple to use. Simple to recharge but not easy to discard. Some lights come with features of bending and collapsing to smaller sizes. This would be considered a pro when buying a tac light.


Tac light Lantern

This is a kind of tac light. This is I would say, rather something traditional and stylish. These lanterns have a carrying handle. These best suit your camping and hunting adventures. You may suspend these against some support. No need to carry along and these will brighten up all surroundings.

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Where to buy?

We are providing you with a list of some good models of tac lights. This may help you in selecting the best choice.

1) Vizeri 230

2) Nitecore EC4S Bundle

3) Surefire G2X

4) Olight M20-X

5) Blackhawk Night-Ops Legacy Tactical Light.

6) Streamlight ProTac HL USB

7) Smith and Wesson M12 Tactical Flashlight

8) Blackhawk Night-Ops Legacy Tactical Light

9) Fenix LD41 Flashlight

The best tac light not only gives off plenty of light on a dark scene but it also provides many other functions. Remember that you must choose your tac light according to your needs. It is not necessary that some model serves best to someone who is a regular hunter, he would prefer more compact and pocket friendly tac light while ignoring other traits. So you have to select from the features that we have listed above for you and find your tac light accordingly.